ELECTRIC-WINCH - Automotive Winches

ELECTRIC-WINCH - Automotive Winches

Enter your EW serial number

Example: 6C3LZR9S4H
All Electric Winch winches manufactured since January 2020 are branded and have a unique serial number.

The signature "Electric Winch" is located on the winch motor housing
A unique serial number can be found in three places:
1. on the motor / gear housing;
2.on the shipping box;
3. in the passport of the winch.
Check the serial number on the website:

Serial number on the winch motor housing.
S / N: ...

Serial number on the winch gear housing.
S / N: ...

Serial number on the winch packaging.
The description and characteristics of the winch are also indicated.

Serial number in the winch passport.
Its characteristics are also indicated.

If the Electric Winch winch does not have a serial number, this means:
- the winch is not original;
- the winch was released until January 2020;
- units were replaced in the winch during its repair.

ELECTRIC-WINCH in China - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches China
ELECTRIC-WINCH in England - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches United Kingdom
Electric Winch Shop; www.electricwinchshop.co.uk
Registered in England Company no: 5227075 VAT No: GB 856 2201 12
Registered Office: Unit 1 Mitre Court, Cutler Heights Lane, Bradford, BD4 9JY
Telephone: +44 (0) 29 2046 5988
ELECTRIC-WINCH in USA - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches USA
Tire Country; www.tirecountry4x4.com
1280 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Phone: (954) 941-4400

ELECTRIC-WINCH in Russia - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches Russia
OOO "Strong"; www.strong.ru
Phone: +7 (902) 051-43-01
Stella; http://stella-winch.ru
St. Petersburg
Phone: +7 (991) 680-41 35
Turizm4x4; www.turizm4x4.ru
454138, Chelyabinsk, Molodogvardeytsev st., 7/3
Phone: +7 (351) 777-95-77
ELECTRIC-WINCH in Germany - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches Deutschland
Winch Industry GmbH; www.seilwinden-direkt.de
Boschstraße 6, 86399 Bobingen, Deutschland
Fon: +49 8234/70662-40
ELECTRIC-WINCH in Australia - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches Australia
Scintex; www.scintex.com.au
Unit 10 / 783 Kingsford Smith Drive EAGLE FARM QLD 4009 AUSTRALIA
Phone: 1300 246 406
ELECTRIC-WINCH in Canada - Automotive, ATV, UTV Winches Canada
Justjeeps; www.justjeeps.com
128 Oakdale Road, Toronto ON, M3N 1V9
Phone: +1 (416) 661-5337

The plant is located in the province of China Guangzhou and Ningbo.
Production of winches begins in 1998.

Contacts ELECTRIC-WINCH Co.,Ltd. in China:
China, Guangzhou of Baifu Road, Fengxian, tel.: 0086-574-88559333